1st Edition of the WEGA Charity Bike Ride.

To be held at Rosport Sauerpark on July 15th, 2023.
S , M and L tours follow the Sûre , so no hills !
Free food for all participating riders!
Registration deadline: July 8th. 

With the kind support of:
ProVelo.lu a.s.b.l. – and – BECOM GmbH

How does it work?
Anybody willing to ride a bicycle (electric, reclining, handbike, etc …) can join. As a rider you join a given tour (or go solo), however it is not a race. After you have completed the tour, you will get a free meal. However, in order to raise money for a good cause, you must find sponsors for your ride. These can be documented in the registration form that you fill out. If you want to go the modern way, you can also register online and your sponsors can also enter their pledges online. This can be of advantage if you want to share your call for donations on your social media, the links are below. Information on each possible tour are also below.

Note: The tours are not signposted! There is a tour leader for each ride. This is not a race.

Riders: You can Register online here , but please also download the Registration Form, read the rules on the first 3 pages and hand in the paper version during the event. If you don’t register online, please make your participation known before the 8th of July. Don’t forget to find sponsors and direct them to the link below or submit the paper version with sponsors following the instructions below.

Sponsors: You can sponsor your rider online HERE.

Riders please register by July 8th !
Riders, please fill out the first three pages of the form as requested and add your sponsors, entering their details on the following pages (3 per page). When the ride is finished, the sponsors will receive a bill honoring their commitment towards the rider’s sponsorship. Alternatively, you can send an email , Facebook messenger or text us (Check the WEGA contact details).

There are 4 Tours available, follow (click) the WEGA stars for more info (could be work in progress, please bear with us):

SMALL – 8 km – DEPARTURE TIME : 11:00
This tour is suited for beginners and crosses the bridge at Ralingen.
View in Google Maps HERE.

MEDIUM – 20 km – DEPARTURE TIME: 10:30
This tour follows the Sûre the same way as the 8 km ride but crosses the footbridge above Echternach.
View in Google Maps HERE.

LARGE – 40 km – DEPARTURE TIME: 10:00
This tour is the 20 km tour returning to the park for a quick pause and then doing a further 20 km down the Sûre crossing at Metzdorf.
View in Google Maps HERE.

XL MTB – 58 km – DEPARTURE TIME: 09:30
A classic Mountain Bike challenge. Expect more than four hours ride through the hills behind Echternach and on the Ferschweiler Plateau!
View in Google Maps HERE. The route may vary according to weather conditions and considering fitness conditions.

The small 8 km tour follows the medium tour 20 km but cuts over the river at the first bridge. The large tour starts with the medium tour and adds a further 20 km in the other direction, passing through Rosport for a pause and replenishment.

Additional Media:

  • The Poster can be downloaded here.