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Beneficier: Wega Aide Humanitaire
IBAN: LU38 0080 1476 7770 2004

We only keep your postal address and the amount of your donation in order to be able to provide you with a confirmation of donation for your tax declaration.
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Wega NGO Development
16a, Avenue de la Liberté,
L-1930 Luxembourg
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Tel: (+352) 20 60 01 12

WEGA is approved by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Luxembourg.

Your donations made to WEGA are tax deductible as special expenses within the limits and conditions of articles 109 and 112 of the L.I.R.
In order to benefit from the tax deduction, the cumulative amount of donations made to various organizations during the year must amount to a minimum of €120, not exceeding either 20% of total income or €1,000,000.