About Us

WEGA Aide Humanitaire was founded on 21st December, 1995 by Alice de Moor, Marie-Louise Thill, Colette Hartwich, Nic Klecker and Albert Weber.

Our name comes from the star called Vega (earlier: Wega), which is the brightest star in the northern constellation of Lyra. The traditional name Vega (earlier Wega) comes from a loose transliteration of the Arabic word wāqi’ (Arabic: واقع) meaning “falling” or “landing”, via the phrase an-nasr al-wāqi’ (Arabic: النّسر الْواقع), “the falling eagle”.

WEGA, a Non Governmental Organization of Development (NGO-D), is a nonprofit development assistance organization, located in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg. Since 1995 Wega has had humanitarian activities, first in Russia, sending food, clothing and educational assistance to Moscow and Toula regions, before concentrating on Armenia, a country in the Caucasus which, in spite of its’ tragic past, is characterized by its dynamism and survival skills. Several “Women Empowerment” projects have been financed by micro-credit in Armenia and Philippines; These women with a rural background have been able to create small business and improve their living standard and that of their family. Those loans have always been refunded and the corresponding amount immediately reinvested in other projects. Aside from purely economic assistance, Wega also supported, in Armenia, Philippines and Ukraine, educational projects. A secondary school in Dilijan has been renovated thanks to funds from the Pétange Commune and the Luxemburg Government; A school in Philippines has been able to build a bigger classroom and have access to services like running water; An educational farm project in Ukraine is giving access to professional education and rehabilitation for children and adults with special needs. At the same time ecological projects are what we are trying to focus on: both in Philippines and Ukraine.

Wega is also concerned with culture. We have promoted mutual understanding and knowledge between Russian, Armenian, Luxemburgish, Ukrainian and Philippino cultures, in particular by organizing concerts and exhibitions.

Our Mission:

Partnering with local grassroots organizations, WEGA Aide Humanitaire will
continue to work towards the promotion of human rights while focusing most of its
actions on the most pressing issue of our time, the environment: to reduce climate
change impact on the most vulnerable.

Our Vision:

WEGA Aide Humanitaire envisions a society where government, the private sector, academia,
and civil society all work in harmony to achieve social justice, environmental sustainability
and equitability; where the needs of marginalized people are respected and they can fully
exercise their human rights.

Where do we get project funding? Mainly the funds come from the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs (60%) through its Cooperation and Development department , (40%) additional funds from the Luxembourg local ASBL partners like LPAD (Letzebuergesch- Philippinesch Aktioun fir den Development) and L’Ukraine (Ukrainian Community in Luxembourg), through fund raising activities and private donors.