In 2024, we are starting a new strategic phase !

Encourage the development of micro-companies

In this new strategic phase, Wega will encourage the development of micro enterprises and income generating activities among its NGO partners, maintaining its historical sectoral focus on agroforestry, resource management both marine and terrestrial and renewable energy. It has become crucial in this day and age for NGO s to create autonomy of the served communities so at the end of the projects, there is in built resilience and continuation of the activities. Wega brings through its members significant private sector experience and knowledge. We wish to bring this knowledge to our partnerships :

Identify market opportunities for products/ services created by the communities

Structure proper business and investment plans for income generated activities

Develop marketing strategy often a missing element in the NGO world


Involve academia and scientific research

Another key element in our strategy is to involve academia and scientific research in our projects. Academia brings innovative ideas and concepts that can resolve challenges faced by communities in need.

At the same time, NGO projects offer a unique applied science platform so that professors and students can experiment and develop practical knowledge. NGOs and academia have operated for too long in silos so there is urgent need to bridge these two worlds, Wega can play a catalytic role.

Focusing on Africa and Southeast Asia

Lastly from a geographical standpoint, Wega will focus on Africa and Southeast Asia where the toughest challenges exist especially in the face of climate change.

Wega will maintain its historical focus on Eastern Europe where many successful projects were completed in the last two decades