How to contribute

Do you want to contribute in our projects and start making a difference?

Your Support Makes a Difference

At WEGA, we are committed to enhancing the lives of vulnerable communities, fostering environmental protection, and reducing poverty. These missions are at the heart of our work and will continue to thrive thanks to your financial contributions. Your generosity empowers us to make a tangible difference. You have the flexibility to choose the regularity of your donations and can opt for either an ordinary or a ‘creative’ donation.

Every cent counts and makes a significant impact!

Your contributions are fiscally deductible within the limits and conditions of the law on income tax.

One-time donation

Your single donation can create a significant impact, providing immediate resources to our ongoing initiatives. Every contribution counts and helps us move closer to our goals.

Periodic/monthly donation

Sustain our efforts with regular contributions. Periodic donations ensure that WEGA can plan for the future and maintain our long-term projects. Choose the subscription method:

Innovative Ways to Support WEGA

Contribute in unique and creative ways beyond monetary donations. Your talents, skills, and resources can significantly aid our mission.

  • Fundraising Events: Organize or participate in events to raise funds for WEGA.

  • Skill-Based Volunteering: Offer your professional skills, such as graphic design, writing, IT support, or other expertise.

  • Celebrate by Supporting: Instead of receiving material gifts for your personal events, celebrate by having your family and friends support our projects.

Support Us !

For more information or specific questions about how you can support WEGA, please reach out to us. We’re here to help and discuss the best way for you to contribute


Short questions and precise answers

How does Wega choose its partners?

Wega seeks partners who share our values of integrity, transparency, respect, efficiency, and generosity. We look for organizations that are committed to sustainable development and have a track record of effective collaboration and innovation.

How can NGOs collaborate with Wega?


NGOs and associations can collaborate with Wega by participating in our development aid projects, proposing new initiatives, and leveraging our expertise in microenterprise development, resource management, and renewable energy. We encourage NGOs to engage in joint projects that foster community resilience and sustainability.

How can interested organizations get involved with Wega?

Interested organizations can get involved with Wega by reaching out to us through our website contact form. We welcome inquiries from NGOs, private sector companies, and academic institutions looking to collaborate on sustainable development projects and innovative solutions.