San Isidro High School

Construction of a suitable building for Audio/Video equipment of school establishment in San Isidro de Balabagan, Lanao del Sur, Philippines. Partnerships were with local government and school (parental) community.

The school San Isidro in Balabagan, under the authority of the Catholic church, created in 1966, is among those. Since its beginnings, it has accepted pupils of all beliefs, refusing to proselytize, and nurturing the encounter with the other. In 2006, the school opened its first primary school classes, aware that any social transformation must start at the earliest possible age.

San Isidro in Balabagan actively encourages parental involvement in its search for social peace, through the parents board. To strengthen and deepen its work, the school would like to add an audiovisual room and the corresponding material to its infrastructure.

The staff knows how much a diversified education can make a difference. But the funds are hard to come across, and paying the salaries is already proving tough. That is why WEGA agreed to help the school’s administration to come up with the financial means necessary to conduct this project in the interest of the local community. To this end, WEGA secured the support of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, and the guarantee that only local resources would be used.


San Isidro de Balabagan, Philippines.



Total Budget

23165 €


Co-financing :
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg