Past Projects

Please find on this page a short list and description of our past projects 

Armenian Women Empowerment (2001)

  • Objective: Empowering rural women through microcredit to start small businesses and improve their income. 
  • Partners: Hadassah Luxembourg, Armenian Relief Society (ARS), Commune de la Ville de Luxembourg. 
  • Funding: 430,000 LUF (approximately 19,432.34€). 
  • Additional Project: Received 19,135.00€ from Ville de Luxembourg for children affected by AIDS in Armenia, partnering with UMCOR Armenia.

Cultural Agreement Luxembourg – Armenia 

  • Actively worked towards promoting Armenian culture in Luxembourg and Luxembourgish culture in Armenia.

Renovation of Secondary School No.1 in Dilijan, Armenia. 

  • Contribution: 25,000€ from Commune de Pétange. 
  • Total Budget: 100,574.18€.

Roof Renovation of Youth Center in Martouni, Armenia 

  • Budget: 4,604.16€ (including a subsidy of 2,500.00€ from Commune de Niederanven). 
  • Duration: 6 months. (2009)
  • Direct Beneficiaries: 600 students, 10 trainers, 12 administrative staff. 
  • Indirect Beneficiaries: 25,000 community members and 40 civil society associations.

Water Supply Project in Zarichat, Armenia

  • Objective: Ensure access to clean drinking water for the mountain village of Zarichat (2,200 m). 
  • Partners: Fondation Ecologique “La Source” (AGHBJUR), Mr. Hovhannes Assoyan, Mr. Jacques Matossian. 
  • Wega’s Role: Coordination and supervision from Luxembourg, monthly report monitoring, mutual awareness. 
  • Importance: Quality drinking water prevents health issues, supports agricultural and livestock projects, and prevents mass migration due to global agricultural crises. 


  • Name: Community Home Lighting System and Small Scale Livelihood Projects Using Solar Energy
  • Budget : 42,480.53 €
  • Duration : 2011 -2012
  • Beneficiaries: Women Farmers
  • Location: Barangay Begong, Municipality of Tigbao, Zamboanga del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines
  • Partners : MFA – Luxembourg and WEGA





Total Budget