Past Projects


2019: Pedagogical farm for children and adults with disabilities.

Partners: LUkraine asbl, Good samaritan for children with disabilities. Zolochiv, Ukraine and M.A.E.E.

2017: Aklan School

During 2013, in the Philippines, typhoon Sandong destroyed this school and together with LPAD, a new school building was constructed, the water supply completely redone and many amenities added.

2017: Microfinancing for women’s microenterpreneurial activities and foodtruck in Bacolod

Based in the poorest part of Bacolod City, Philippines. This micro funding provided to these women would serve to promote entrepreneurial skills and also provide them with the means to implement a food truck to make use of their new skills.

2015: Fisheries Resource Management (Phase 1)

Resource users inventory and mobilization alongside the inventory of the resource status for development of a fisheries management plan. Fisheries management by investing in resource recovery in order to optimize resource rent from nearshore (shell)fish resources in Baliangao, Northern Mindanao, Philippines.

2012: Mangrove Reforestation

During the years of 2011 and 2012, together with our partners, Lafccod reforested 21 hectars with five different sorts of mangroves. Location: Lanao del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines.

2011: First Solar Lighting Project in partnership with LPAD & Kassammaka Inc.

Installation of community system for lighting, energy sources for the foyers and a small center of transformation of aid of solar energy. In Barangay Begong, Mindanao, Philippines.

2009: San Isidro High School

Construction of a suitable building for Audio/Video equipment of school establishment in San Isidro de Balabagan, Lanao del Sur, Philippines.

Before 2018

1996 Wega sends convoy of clothes and other necessities to Moscow as humanitarian aid. 

1997 a second convoy is sent to Moscow.

1997 31 children from Chorale Georges Brassens were invited to present a concert at Cercle Municipal and EIB. Wega also made it possible for the Choir to have 5 day holiday in Luxembourg.

1997 presentation and help to Robinson family, who gave shelter to 10 children from the street.

1997 Wega participated in another convoy of clothing to Russia with Russisch-Deutscher Kulturverein from Trier. This convoy passed through Berlin where another association added their collections to the convoy. 

1998 Wega in collaboration with Fondation “Help for children with cancer” and initiative S.Ex.M Andrien Meisch organized a charity concert for children with cancer from Chernobyl (Project Gomel), which was realized in partnership with Otto Hug Strahlen Institut in München. 

1998 payment and visas of two french heart doctors from Stim Development association for their missions to provide and implant pacemakers to 5 patients in Moscow. 

1999 donation to KIWANIS for a project?

1999 convoy of clothing to Moscow and Minsk in partnership Russich-Deutscher Kulturverein in Trier. 

1999 donation to St. Elisabeth hospital in partnership with NGO Dan Pokoleniu.

2001 project Armenian women empowerment in partnership with Hadassah Luxembourg, community of the city of Luxembourg and Armenian Relief Society. Cost: 430000 LUF

2001 Project to help children who are both directly and indirectly affected by Aids in partnership with city of Luxembourg, UMCOR Armenia, Armenian Ministry of Health and National Center for Aids prevention in Armenia. Cost: at least 19135€

2005 Wega becomes accredited NGO in Luxembourg

2005 renovation of secondary school in Dilijan, Armenia in partnership with the community of Petange and MAEE. Cost: 100574,18€. This project, Wegas’ most important, has been co-financed by the Luxemburg Government and the Luxemburg Pétange Commune. Today most of the renovation has been successfully carried out. The School is about sixty years old. Around 700 children study in those three buildings, one built in 1957, the other two in 1974. For lack of a specific budget, only cosmetic improvements have been made over those years. The furniture was in a sorry state, as well as the sanitation and heating systems and the roof.

2009 Wega Armenia School: Martouni, Armenia. Renovation of the youth center or school? Planned: 4604,16€, spent: 5791, 48€. The borough of Martouni, 126 000 inhabitants, situated in the heart of the country in a rural mountainous region bordering Azerbaidjan, lives thanks to its subsistence farming. Before the end of Communism, on top of agriculture and industry, a regular flux of tourists would visit the region for its sanatoriums and the beneficial effects of its climate. A tourism economy existed. Conscious of the untapped potential of its population and region, many local NOGs have been working for years on giving the people the tools necessary to creating small and medium businesses. They give courses and qualifications modules to obtain linguistic, administrative and accounting skills. But these NOGs rarely have the means sufficient to maintain the buildings or materials. Wega, with the help of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, decided to help them collect funds to buy what they need in order to renovate the roof of the educational centre for youth. With our local partners, Anahit et Gor and Tigran, we have agreed to use only local or regional businesses. At the end of this spring, more young people will be able to follow courses in the best possible conditins, since the second floor will be usable.

2009 construction and A/V equipment of school establishment in San Isidro de Balabagan, Lanao del Sur, Philippines. Partnership with local government and school (parental?) community. Cost: 23165€. The school San Isidro in Balabagan, under the authority of the Catholic church, created in 1966, is amongst those. Since its beginnings, it has accepted pupils of all beliefs, refusing to proselytise, and nurturing the encounter with the other. In 2006, the school opened its first primary school classes, aware that any social transformation must start at the earliest possible age. San Isidro in Balabagan actively encourages parental involvement in its search for social peace, through the parents board. To strengthen and deepen its work, the school would like to add an audiovisual room and the corresponding material to its infrastructure. The staff knows how much a diversified education can make a difference. But the funds are hard to come across, and paying the salaries is already proving tough. That is why WEGA has agreed to help the school’s administration to come up with the financial means necessary to conduct this project in the interest of the local community. TO this end, we have already secured the support of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, and the guarantee that only local ressources will be used.

2011 partnership with magrove foundation luxembourg and lafcood in the Philippines. Establishment, restoration, sustainable utilization of mangrove areas. Cost: 79950€ 

2011 partnership with LPAD & Kassammaka Inc. Installation of community system for lighting, energy sources for the foyers and a small center of transformation of aid of solar energy. In Barangay Begong, Mindanao, Philippines. Cost: 42480,53€

2013 Kolping Iligan Relocation PhilLux Village. Development of a site for relocation for 102 victims of Typhoon Seneong in Illigan city. 

Philippines Sendong project. 3 years. Total cost: 514506,12€

2015 Resource users inventory mobilization alongside resource status inventory for the development of a fisheries management plan. Fisheries management by investing in resource recovery to optimize the rent of nearshore fish and shellfish resources in Baliangao, Mindanao, Philippines. 1 year. Partner: LPAD+small dutch NGO+PARTS NGO. Cost: 17634€

2015 continuation of community system of lighting of Kassammaka members and support for the projects of durable subsistence in the mountaneous zones without electricity access. Partnership with LPAD & Kasammaka. Cost: 76852,55€

2017 Microfinancing for women’s microenterpreneurial activities + furnish sturdy educational infrastructures and access to drinking water for children. partnership with LPAD & Mihands. Bacolod + Aclan, Philippines. Cost: 90851,26€

2018 establishment of a sustainable fisheries management system in Baliangao, Philippines. Partner: LPAD+small dutch NGO (Stichting)+PARTS. Cost: 119958,45€.

2019 Pedagogical farm for children and adults with disabilities. Partner: LUkraine asbl+Good samaritan for children with disabilities. Zolochiv, Ukraine. Cost: 250768,90€ 

2020 develpoment of sustainable agroforestrie and microenterpreneurial program. Partner: LPAD+Entraide & Fraternite+Conzzard. Cost: 217478,33€