Microfinancing for women in Bacolod

The micro funding provided to these women would serve to promote entrepreneurial skills, assisted and guided by our NGO partner MiHANDs Philippines. MiHANDs will help these women to show their potential in marketing, will encourage more sustainable activities such as the formation of a cooperative and the sale of their products to schools and offices. They can also use their co-op to intervene in public demonstrations, by getting a contract to provide food and services to all participants on the occasion of a fair or conference. Bacolod is a place for conferences and business meetings, there are great potential the cooperative to sell food products. The members of the cooperative will take turns in all the activities they do. They will also elect officials and submit to an audit by their commune. Through this cooperative, they can request the participation.

The Mini Food Truck project of PLaBWEVA started in consonant with the celebration of Maskara Festival of the City of Bacolod in the entire month of October. The operation designed into grouping of 5 groups with 3 members. Each group operated the entire week with in relation the created policies of the operation.


Bacolod, Philippines



Total Budget

90,851.26 Euros


Local partner:
Multi-stakeholders Initiatives for Humanitarian Action against
Disasters “MIHANDS“

-Lëtzebuergesch-Philippinesch Aktioun fir den Development LAPD a.s.b.l.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg