WEGA Charity Bike Ride – Small Tour

8 km Ride

Like all tours, this one starts with the German side, by crossing the bridge to Ralingen. To get to the tunnel, follow the road after the bridge up the small incline and go straight at the large street side mirror, going into the village towards the church. Pass the church and turn left at the yellow telephone box. After the last house on the left you join the SAUERTAL Bike route.

This will get you going direction Echternacherbrück by entering the tunnel. Your aim is to reach Minden, where you will cross the river.

Follow the signs all the way to Minden, passing next to the village of Edingen. At Minden Beach (Yes, that is right!), cross over the pedestrian bridge to reach Steinheim back in Luxembourg.

From here, the 20 and 40 km tours continue along the German side. However, riding the 8 km tour, you cross the bridge, turn left and bike to the stone sculpture, where you will turn sharp right and follow the street to cross the main road and join the Luxembourg Itinéraire cyclable des trois rivières PC 3.

Now you can follow the bicycle track all the way back to Rosport. Arriving in Rosport, make sure to pass left under the bridge and join the Park.