WEGA Charity Bike Ride – Mountain Bike Tour

The ride is currently set at about 58km. This can be adapted accordingly on the day itself.

Starting on the Luxembourg side, the ride follows the Piste cyclable des Trois Rivières (PC 3) for the first 10 km to Echternach. Following the old city walls, and taking the PC2 Echternach to join the Echternach Mountain bike tour along the Melickshaff side.

Riding along the Echternach city walls.

Climbing to Melickshaff

From there we follow the patch to the “Gorges du Loup / Wollefsschlucht”, crossing the Aesbech stream to join the Berdorf mountain bike trail.

View of Echternach Cathedral

Path to the Aesbech stream

Joining the Berdorf MTB trail.