Project: Sustainable Agroforestry Development and Micro-Entrepreneurial Program

Mindanao, Philippines

This project was made possible with the partnership of:

To contribute to the creation of a resilient and self-sustaining farming communities with healthy and sustainable condition through ecologically-sound, responsible food production and processing, and marketing of the organic agricultural products. Achieving this involves increasing productivity of the small farmers and control of their products in the market in terms of distribution and pricing, thereby, increasing their income level to live decently and secured.

With less than a year to reach completion, this project has already more than reached it’s initial goals. Since the start of the project has achieved the following goals:

It has been able to reach out more than 100 direct beneficiaries and their families.

Planted more than a thousand Philippine Native Trees, fruit trees, coffee, and bamboo in the Agroforestry Farm. These are efforts to improve biodiversity in the area. We also launched a campaign dubbed as “Adopt a Native Tree” to augment in the procurement of seedlings of native trees while we are still on the process of establishing our nursery and collection of native tree seeds. We are able to generate P75,000 donation from his Adopt a Tree campaign which we used to buy the seedlings from Balaang Bungtod Eco Sanctuary, an indigenous people’s organization of ecological warriors based in Tigbao. During our tree planting activities, young and old generations participated with the hope to help rehabilitate the environment and mitigate climate change.

Established organic rice production demonstration farm and Native Chicken production. Beneficiaries from the newly organized barangay of Lower Sibatang are now starting to produce Organic Rice, Organic Fertilizer, Native Chicken and ducks; Production of organic crops and livestock are starting to expand.

Different Capacity-building activities were conducted to ensure that the beneficiaries follow protocols on organic agriculture and food production processes.

 Agri-Processing Center Inauguration

A major part of the projects, the construction of Agri-Processing Center at Locuban, Dumalinao has been completed.

Tapped line agencies like FDA, DOST, DTI and DA. These agencies were able to provide technical assistance, and equipment for the agriprocessing center and integrated farm development.

The project also provided work opportunities for seasonal/construction workers and farm-workers in the area. It provided them income and other opportunities during the height of the pandemic.